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Our Story

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About Vaageswari

The society was established by an eminent and educated personalities in the name of Goddess Saraswathi Devi, Sree Vaageswari Educational Society during the year 2003 under the leader ship of General Secretary Dr. G. Sreenivas Reddy Garu, who is a doctor in Ayurveda and a dedicated missionary and crusader in the field of education, is the spirit and force behind this reputed organization. The society was established with a crystal vision to produce professionals having scientific intellect, innovation and imagination. The Group of Institutions provides the best of assistance in academic field to guide the students career in a right direction and reach the summit in their professional careers.

Vaageswari colleges impart goal oriented, quality based and value added education with state-of-the-art technical and non-technical resources. Over the years, we have evolved as a symbol of quality education. The determination and dedicated efforts of Vaageswari colleges in the interest of the students to compete with the best in the outside world have enabled us to shine forth as the torchbearer for quality education today. Vaageswari colleges keep pace with the world’s major strides in technology and development and hence set a benchmark in every pedagogical standard.

The Vaageswari Colleges are located in the suburbs of Karimnagar town, on Rajiv Rahadari High Way towards Hyderabad. Situated over a sprawling 40 acres eco friendly campus with lush green lawns, lovely landscape, aesthetic architecture and avant-garde infrastructure, the colleges epitomize an exemplary setting for scientific education and higher learning.

Why Vaageswari

Quality Policy we truly believe in that great saying that “Education without quality is like a flower without fragrance”. It is our firm decision to strive hard towards establishing high standards in teaching and training advanced technologies to our students. We are keen on building purposive partnerships with the industry and initiating innovative and creative programs following the latest changes and trends in the scientific world of today.

The College is determined to ensure that you achieve success and are equipped to meet the challenges of today. Not only we want to increase your knowledge as a student, we also want you to provide with opportunities to develop practical skills which will help you to the edge in the 21st Century world of work. At Vaageswari Colleges we have built our reputation on our commitment to high quality education, using eminent faculty and excellent infrastructure. For many years this commitment has helped thousands of students to succeed in their chosen area of study.
We have ultra modern facilities you need, together with plenty of professional events and activities taking place in the campus and we also take the students to industrial visits. We have your best interests at heart, and believe we have everything in place to make Vaageswari Colleges the preferred place of learning knowledge.

Sree Vaageswari Educational Society ultimately strives to maintain its pre-eminent position among the technological institutions within the state and country with its quality policy.

Meet Our Team

Our ability to deliver outstanding results.


Dr.K.Babu Rao

Vice-Principal & Professor
"In VGSEK, it is believed and practiced that excellence is a continuous process and in pursuit of which the institute has made deep forays into contributing world renowned technocrats, successful entrepreneurs, competent leaders, innovative scientists and researchers."
joint sec

Mr.D.Srinivas Reddy

Joint Secretary
"It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the creative world of VGSEK which has very eco-friendly campus and is equipped with state-of- art infrastructure. We have well equipped labs, workshops and libraries to help students in attaining highest standards in academics, research and professional skills."
general sec

Dr. G.Srineevas Reddy

General Secretary
“ Expectations have hit an all time high so far as engineering education is concerned. Hence, we are making sincere efforts towards achieving this right blend of high intellect and good culture in our excellent young professionals who will be ready to meet the standards of the modern industry and thereby face the Global challenges.”

Dr. Ch. Srinivas

Principal & Professor
“ We foster healthy competition and remain committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and pragmatic teaching. We wish to present these future young leaders of India to the outside Industrial world with high level of technical competence as well as administrative skills.”